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The round of the Acropolis Rock

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Meeting point - Acropolis metro station. Walk Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, the pedestrian walkway outside the Acropolis museum and visit Odeion of Herodes Attikos/Herodeion and the historic Orthodox Church of St Demetrios Loumbardiaris. Further away, you will find yourself on top of Pnyx (Pnyka) Hill with an amazing panoramic view of the Acropolis Rock and the rest of the city of Athens. See the Old Observatory on the Hill of the Nymphs and continue walking next to the Classical Roman Agora until you enter the Monastiraki District and the flea market. When you reach Monastiraki square, you will see the restored Turkish Mosque - now the traditional ceramics museum called the Tzistarakis Mosque. In this area and within meters away, you will also see the Roman Forum, the Tower of the Winds, the Metresse, and the Hadrian’s Library. You are now entering the Plaka district, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Athens and Anafiotika, the neighborhood closest to the stone slope of the Acropolis. Then you will continue downhill until you see Lysicrates Choregic monument which is where the tour ends. You will be close to the Acropolis metro station (where you started the tour) having completed a full circle of the Acropolis Rock.

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3 hours
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Meeting Point

The meeting point is outside Acropolis metro station at 09:00am. Your tour guide will be standing next to the Metro sign, which is located on Makrigianni pedestrian walkway, holding a light blue Athenian tours sign.    

Good to know

We are not entering any of the archeological sites, although we will give you all the interesting information and will have a great look of them from the outside.

We are doing tours only to small groups with maximum capacity of 10 people

The tours are conducted in English 

The walking pace during the tour is moderate with a lot of stops and sitting opportunities 

Wear comfortable shoes and hold a bottle of water

We advise you to bring an umbrella on rainy days and wear a hat during summer


  • Odeion of Herodes Attikos / Herodeion
  • Church of St Demetrios Loumbardiaris
  • Pnyx (Pnyka) Hill
  • The Old Observatory on the Hill of the Nymphs / Observatory Hill
  • Agora / Classical Agora
  • Monastiraki District / Flea market 
  • Monastiraki Square
  • Tzami Tzistaraki 
  • Library of Hadrian
  • Tower of the Winds 
  • The Plaka District
  • Anaphiotika 
  • Choregic Monument of Lysicrates 


  1. Metro Acropolis
  2. Odeion of Herodes Attikos
  3. Pnyx (Pnyka) Hill
  4. National Observatory of Athens
  5. Ancient Agora of Athens
  6. Monastiraki District / Flea market
  7. Tower of the Winds
  8. Anaphiotika
  9. Choregic monument of Lysicrates