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Bar hopping

Despite the recession, nightlife in Athens is buzzing. It’s a common truth that Greeks and nightlife are a natural match! Many of the most popular venues are in the city center, within walking distance of Syntagma Square. Athens’ nightlife is diverse, catering a wide selection of preferences and tastes. With summer locales along the seaside and clubs/bars in the city, there is no doubt anyone can enjoy the Athens nightlife scene. The nightlife scene of the city Athens has become a collection of sophisticated hot spots that gather massive crowds of both visitors and locals with their Sleek interiors, top-quality food, famous guest DJs from all over the world and amazing cocktails. Most of the bars in Athens are always open during the day for coffee, brunch, snacks or desserts.


Athenian Tours Bar Hopping Tour


Join us on a tour of the best bars in and around Athens for your next big night out with your friends and enjoy top food and drinks, great tunes and an amazing atmosphere. Meet your guide outside Syntagma metro station and start an experience in the nightlife of Athens with barhopping tour. A three-hour or more, adventure in the heart of the Capital where you will discover all about the Greek style nightlife. Your guide will lead you to the most trendy and vibrant bars and clubs in the center of the city where locals hang out away from tourist traps. Interact with the local crowd and have a blast the Greek way.




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