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Ride a bike

One of the best ways to discover Athens is absolutely by bike. It's not hard at all to cycle through the streets, and the majority of the routes are quite level most of the time. The bike tour is a great option not only for everyone who doesn't have much time to explore the city on their own, but also for those who would like a quick overview as soon as they arrive in the city, so that they can decide what to see in detail on the following days.



Athenian Tours Coastal Bike Tour


Come and ride with us by the magnificent Coastline of Athens. Enjoy the sea breeze and admire the fantastic views of the Saronic gulf. Peddle at a relaxed pace together with an English speaking local guide that will accompany you on a fun and insightful excursion through this amazing destination. Not only will you see the main sights, but also some hidden spots which visitors usually don’t get to see. Our experienced guide takes you along the coastline’s most beautiful sights while telling you all there is to know about the route and giving you plenty of time to take lovely photos!





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