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Visit a Greek Tavern

Traditional Greek cuisine puts emphasis on the freshest ingredients. Seasonal produce, freshly-caught seafood, regional cooking styles and minimal dressings bring out the flavors of the Mediterranean. Greeks love to eat out and dining is a drawn-out communal affair with friends and family. Despite the proliferation of hip & trendy restaurants, the most popular dining venue has always been the trusty, good-old “taverna” (tavern). A taverna (GR: ταβέρνα) is a small Greek restaurant, similar to a tavern, that serves Greek Cuisine. The taverna is an integral part of Greek Culture and has become familiar to people from other countries who visit Greece, as well as through the establishment of tavernas (GR plural) in countries such as the USA and Australia by expatriate Greeks.


Traditional Greek Tavern Dinner Tour


Escape from the city’s center and meet our expert food guide outside Panormou metro station. He will lead you to real Greek traditional tavern away from tourist traps. A Cretan, family run tavern, where Greeks from all over town come to enjoy traditional delights.




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